Humiliation 126



The SADISM of MASTER DOLF is unlimited: Knowing how utterly obsessed and infatuated virgin loser Joschi is with GORGEOUS MEGA-HOTTIE GODDESS PERECTA, SUPER CRUEL MASTER DOLF makes HER tease the shit out of the pathetic dipshit. It is hard to believe that 40 years old virgin loser was never allowed touching a GIRL before and now all he can do is eating his love sick heart out while GODDESS PERFECTA shaking HER SUPERFIRM, ABSOLUTE PERFECT DREAM TITS far above Joschi´s drooling face. Giggling down at the panting loser who is completely hypnotized by HER STANDING DREAM-BOOBS THE PRINCESS keeps on torturing the fat, ugly wimp by flaunting HER SUPERSEXY HOT-BOD infront of him. All the time THE MASTER taunts Joschi who almost gets a heart attack from the cruel teasing. With sadistic enjoyment MASTER DOLF tauts the leash to constrict the tight collar around Joschi´s neck even more, as THE SUPER GORGEOUS PRINCESS teases the virgin loser by shaking HER FANTASTIC ASS above his panting snout. Completely and utterly burning with desire to cum as he has never before the pathetic virgin loser is dying for GODDESS PERFECTA´S SUPER HOT DREAM-BOD.

To torture THEIR laughing stock even more MASTER DOLF asks mockingly the drooling wimp if he wants to cum now. With burning desire in his ugly face the little dipshit begs MASTER and PRINCESS like a good doggie to let him cum…ofcourse the only answer he gets is „NO!!!“ HAHAHA

PRINCESS and MASTER are laughing so hard at their subhuman-slave as he burst into tears of total sexual frustraition at THEIR FEET. HAHAHA

BEAUTIFUL GODDESS PERFECTA is sooo ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS and SADISTIC in THIS CLIP! MASTER DOLF has fucked HER BRAIN out for hours after HE turned off the cam.

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